Deep tones of leather and amber that will sweep away into wonderland.


ps: The Bobby Candle is designed to be re-purposed after the candle has burned through.

Marloe Marloe.

Bobby Candle. Leather & Amber
A piece by Marloe Marloe.

Sizing notes.

Dimensions 120 H x 120 W 450g | approximately 80 hour burn time Lava external glaze with bone interior Produced from the highest quality stoneware, in-house studio glaze recipes and twice fired to vitrification.

Styling notes.

Leather & Amber has been carefully created to enhance your relaxation ritual and calm your mood. With notes of Vetiver, Patchouli, Silk Musk, Amber & Ambrette Seeds, this candle is both elegant & warm with the perfect amount of calm.

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Bobby Candle. Leather & Amber
Bobby Candle. Leather & Amber